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We have a variety of services and bible groups for all ages!
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Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday mornings, we meet with Christ, by His Holy Spirit, through His Holy Word, and amongst His holy people.  we worship the living Christ by lifting up our voices in song, bowing in prayer, and attentively hearing His Word and confessing the Faith. 

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Sunday School

Sunday School for children preschool through sixth grade focuses on building upon the foundation laid in Christian baptism. We aspire to encourage a strengthening of a personal relationship with Jesus and a call to love and to serve Him. Our AFLC Sunday School material prepares our children for confirmation and living a Christian life.

Our theme verse for the year is:

"Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall he live."  John 11:25

Classes for youth who are in 7th to 12th grade, focus on making the Bible relevant in their daily lives. They're shown how to take God's unchanging Word and how to apply it into their personal situations and call on their lives.  This year they will be studying 1 Peter.  St. Peter wrote to the early church, who had and were even more going to suffer for their faith in Christ, so he writes to prepare them and encourage them for the difficult days ahead.  Similar days are in store for our children as well so they will be studying this book, that their faith will endure. 

In Adult Sunday School we dive deeper into the Word to mine His treasures and allow God's Holy Spirit to touch our lives. We study a variety of different topics through the year.  This year we will start off by continuing our study of how our faith is lived out in our Christian life and developing godly habits.

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We are constantly bombarded with the lies of the devil, the world, and even our own flesh, so we understand the importance of gathering together mid-week to spend time in God's Word and to encourage each other in our walk with Christ. 

There are Bible study groups for adults, youth, and children.  Confirmation classes are held at 5:30 pm.  Supper is served at 6:15 pm and at 7:00 Bible study is held for all ages: adults, Free Lutheran Youth (FLY), and Kyd's Club for children preschool through sixth grade. 

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